Look! I have an avatar!

Yes I am alive.  I do plan to post more, but lets see if I can manage it.

Of all the things I could post about, this probably is the least important.  Ahh well, its a post.

Samuri jack!  Awsome cartoon.  Going to see if I can get one of Aku.  maybe in mouse form when he was shaking his fist yelling "I'LL GET YOU YET, SAMURI!"

Anyway, more to post later:)

Doctor Who meetup tomorrow

Any one interested, I should have posted this alot earlier. We will be watching some old doctor who (the Pilot serial from '63), and the more recent Voyage of the Damned (last years Christmas Speical) If your unfmailiar with The Doctor, should try to make it.

Meetup Reminder
The Vancouver Doctor Who Meetup Group

Doctor Who 45th Anniversary

Sunday, November 23, 2008 6:00 PM

La Fontana Caffe
3701 Hastings St
Burnaby BC V5C 2H6

Meetup Description
Join us for Doctor Who 45th Anniversary at La Fontana in Burnaby! Good food, people and definitely watching the pilot episode of the show from 1963 and whatever else we can dig up. The cafe has a DVD player and big screen tv. The cafe serves sandwhiches, hot food, baked goods, smoothies, juices, soft drinks, teas, and coffee's. Tell your friends! Would be fantastic to get a large group together for this. We have the whole cafe to ourselves for this night!

Gaming at Kahobi's, Take 2

I'm thinking of either Monday, Wensday, or Thursday. But I'm pritty flexable on the date. Any interest?

Gloom, Munchkin (either regular or Bites, depending on number of players and players preferences). Settlers of Catan, possibly Roborally. Let me know if you have a game of your own that you could bring.

Bah, monday

Not a very exciting day.

I got to hand out two resumes witch I wanted to get done. so done. I'm hoping one of them turns up work, or one of the others that I've handed out soon.

I ended up cancelling the gamming I had planned today. I wish I didn't, but I felt pritty down yesterday when I called it off. Maby I'll see if I can set one up for next week, and maby more people will be able to show up to it too.

Gamming at Kahobi's!

On much short notice I invite all of you to come over and enjoy some board games, possibly card games over at my place. I've got two flavours of Munchkin, Gloom, and Settlers of Catan. Hoping to have a copy of Roborally present as well. Any one is welcome to bring a game if they want. Also any one is welcome to bring their friend, roommate, spouce or whatever. Let me know though. Also let me know either way if you can attend or not.

Hope to see you on Monday!

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I want to tell a story....or be in one.

I really want to either play or run a rpg.  I miss it quite a bit.  For the last year I've only got to play very little, and was able to run a game now and then.  That game won't be finished since there is a huge gulf between a few members of that game.  I'm thinking of running an Alternity game (sorta like Traveller, put out by good old TSR), since I have some pre written chronicals.   I've got a huge collection of gamming books, and I want to use some of them damnit...other than casual reading material.
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A lost little post, insignificant but there.  How to judge the importance of such an entery, when the meanings nor the intentions are apparent.  What do you find when you know not what your seeking, or weather or not your searching for anything in the first place.  Even then if you found what you seek, would you even know you found it.  Could you identify it, or would it be passed by leaving no regret of missed opertunity?  Or do you seek, after many targets are missed or misidentified do you find what you really want?  Or do you take a little retorical retoric as sequential sequitur that is less than conclusive?
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